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Alloy Wheel Repairs London

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London’s Alloy Wheel Repair and Refurbishment One Stop Shop for South East London, Blackheath and Bromley and surrounding areas.

Here at JS Coachworks we undertake Alloy Wheel Repair.  We are experienced, qualified and we make it our business to understand all our unique customers needs.  Because of this, it goes without saying that we exceed customer expectations.

98% of all cars have Alloy wheels, and in appearance, they look great! However, they are more susceptible to damage, scuffs, scrapes kerbing, pothole damage and corrosion (just to name a few) than any other part of your car. JS Coachworks have highly trained wheel technicians, and we can provide a hassle free, professional and cost effective service to give your Alloys a makeover, and restore them to their former glory!

We offer a refurbishment service for all types of alloy wheels dealing with corrosion, scratch marks and scuffs. This refurbishment includes: tyre removal, priming, painting and lacquering.  Resulting in that ‘straight from the factory’ look.


Diamond cutting is a premium service that offers the very finish for alloy wheels. The precise cut applied to the rims removes only what is required.  The entire process involves cleaning the alloys using special top of the range machinery which removes all dirt, tar and grit.

Once clean, that’s when the wheel is carefully cut on the lathe to leave a high cut shiny finish.  The wheel is then completed by coating it in premium etch lacquer.

All Diamond cutting is carried out on top of the line, updated equipment in our workshop to ensure the highest quality work. 


Slit rim alloy wheels can be a popular choice because of their distinctive look and multiple finish possibilities.  Many repair companies do not offer split rim repairs due to the complexity of the work involved.  But here, at JS Coachworks we are experts within this field.  We have all of the expertise and complementary technology to restore split rim alloys to pristine condition.


Using the very latest colour matching technology, we are able to analyse your wheel colour from there, we are able to create a seamless colour match.  This work is achieved using a spectrophotometer, backed up by the technical partnership with our paint manufacturer and supplier.

Custom colouring is a great way to personalise your wheels.  By choosing your very own customised colours it can add a personalised edge to your car.  There are so many variations and we are happy to quote and work closely with clients wishing to produce their own bespoke wheels.


Wheel balancing is the process of equalising the weight of your tyre and wheel assembly so that it spins smoothly at high speed.

When a wheel is unbalanced, any tiny deviation can very quickly become a large imbalance in centrifugal force, causing the wheel/tyre assembly to spin on a kind of lumpy motion.  This is certainly not what we want.

This then has a knock-on effect, it translates into a vibration in the car steering as well as some very irregular and damaging wear on the tyres.  Not to worry, we ensure your wheels leave our premises perfectly balanced, ready for installation and ready for the road!

Our Bodywork Services

JS Coachworks are renowned for absolute professionalism, quality and attention to details in all aspects of vehicle body repair for South East London, Blackheath and Bromley with customer focus and communication at the very centre. Our services include vehicle body repairs, accident repairs, prestige bodywork and alloy wheel repairs.

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