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Vehicle technology is continually advancing and growing ever more impressive and innovative. The industry moves at lightening speed and prestige vehicles naturally tend to have the most advanced technology, which requires a completely different or bespoke repair process, methods, and environment. 

It is ESSENTIAL that you always use a qualified prestige specialist, and here at JS Coachworks we fit into that category.  By choosing us, you can ensure that correct, safe repairs are being carried out along with genuine manufacturer parts are being used in combination with manufacturer approved paint.  Thus, maintaining manufacturer warranty and extended guarantees.


ADAS – Advanced Driver Assist Systems, come in many forms. The Thatcham Research focuses is on assessing these technologies and evaluating how this advancement benefits motorists and reduces the risk of an accident. 

Modern vehicles are equipped with a wide range of cameras, radars and lidar which operate both independently and in conjunction with other systems.

Autonomy is growing and many vehicles do not have a 360° view of their immediate surroundings and are able to identify potential hazards.  These systems then can avoid these hazards either by warning the driver, or by automatically taking over an element of the vehicle such as braking or steering if the driver is too slow to react.


‘At least one fatal sleep related crash occurs every day in the UK’

It’s easy to see how these technologies will incorporate to take driving out of human occupants’ hands altogether.  Although, it is expected to be some time before driverless cars become commonplace on our roads.  In the meantime, Thatcham Research has begun assessing key technologies and working on developing globally accepted testing protocols that will pave the way for the move to full autonomy. For now, we will work with what we have, and rest assured in the promise that here at JS Coachworks we are more than qualified to repair and test your ADAS systems.

Our Bodywork Services

JS Coachworks are renowned for absolute professionalism, quality and attention to details in all aspects of vehicle body repair for South East London, Blackheath and Bromley with customer focus and communication at the very centre. Our services include vehicle body repairs, accident repairs, prestige bodywork and alloy wheel repairs.

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